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Über Drum 300kg

Über™ Drum introduces a new 'Drum' concept which provides the ultimate in productivity and efficiency for high volume stitching. Here's how it works: • Loose-wound wire - the wire is loose laid in an enclosed container rather than tightly machinewoundonto spools. This greatly improves the payout as it feeds a straight wire with virtually no back tension or twisting. • Hood Feeder System - the wire is fed via a unique 'hood' through a feeding tube, directly onto the stitching machine. The wire is fully enclosed from the drum to the machine and thereby protected from dust, dirt and grime. The hood itself is clear for easy monitoring of the drum content and has a window flap for quick access. • Go Large! With up to 300 kilos of wire per drum and an approximate changeover time of just 90 seconds, the Drum System reduces downtime to an absolute minimum. • Handling - the drums each come on an individual pallet so they can be wheeled into position very simply. They also incorporate a hoisting sling with 2 loops for mechanical handling. None of the manual handling problems of the 100 kilo spools! • Environment - the drum is mainly of a cardboard construction so it can be readily recycled. The hood system is simply transferred to the new drum.

N6850 Über Round Steel Stitching Wire Über Drum 300kg 0.50mm Checking
N6860 Über Round Steel Stitching Wire Über Drum 300kg 0.60mm Checking
N6855 Über Round Steel Stitching Wire Über Drum 300kg 0.55mm Checking

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