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Case Study: Paddy & Scott's

We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and we are making every effort to do so.

Neil Wilson | Fuel-Filment and Logistics Manager @ Paddy & Scott’s

A simple choice can create a better world

Paddy & Scott's is a coffee company with a unique approach. Their philosophy is centred around the idea that a single cup of coffee can be a force for good, creating opportunities for communities around the world. By paying fair prices to coffee farmers, Paddy & Scott's is breaking away from harmful supply chains and promoting economic empowerment.

The company is also committed to minimising its global impact and has taken a proactive approach to reducing plastic usage in its packaging chain.

Our packaging was generic. We used plastic bubble wrap as void fill and sealed the boxes with plastic tape.

Sustainability and stock control while showcasing the brand

Neil joined Paddy and Scott's with the goal of overcoming the packaging challenges they were facing. It was evident that they needed to address three issues:

  1. Sustainable packaging;
  2. Brand presence;
  3. Controllable stock levels.

I found it far better to send branded boxes to our customers because they become more recognisable. Additionally, if the shipping label were to come off, it would be evident where the products originated from.

To achieve this, Neil turned to McKinleys. After a thorough consultation, Paddy & Scott's implemented services such as Brand It! and Stock & Serve, which helped to reduce multiple-sized boxes and replace them with a single, easily cut-down box.
This move played a significant role in achieving their sustainability goals while also enabling better control of stock levels and storage space.

Our brand is on not just the boxes but for consistency, it is visible on the paper packing tape too, which is great.

Paddy & Scott's single-sized box
Paddy & Scott's single-sized, easily cut-down box.

Reducing the carbon footprint by optimising void fill and moving away from plastic

To reduce the amount of void fill needed, Paddy & Scott's utilised custom-made multiple-score carton boxes. However, some void fill was still necessary, so they implemented two eco-friendly solutions: using 100% recycled, FSC-certified SpeedMan paper and purchasing a cardboard shredder.

Additionally, they replaced their plastic document pouches with water-resistant, plastic-free paper pouches and switched to a pallet wrap made from 30% recycled material.

We have now removed all plastic from our shipping process apart from the 30% recycled shrink wrap, which is a step in the right direction.

Partnership and growth

Neil's collaborative spirit and innovative mindset have been instrumental in driving the success of Paddy & Scott’s partnership with McKinleys.

These joint efforts have yielded impressive results, including significant growth and cost savings, which have enabled Paddy & Scott’s to meet the rising demand for their products through increased packaging. By working together and sharing ideas, anything is possible.

McKinleys is not just another packaging supplier, they are genuine partners with a wealth of knowledge and experience in ensuring that you receive the appropriate product for your business at the most competitive price.

Paddy & Scott's gift box
Paddy & Scott's taster box.

Are you ready to make a difference?

Explore Paddy & Scott's website now and find out how a single cup of coffee can create a significant impact: Paddyandscotts.shop

Let us assist you in achieving your sustainability, branding, and stock goals with our wealth of experience and expertise. Connect with us by booking an enquiry at sales@mckinleysgroup.com or dialling 01799 513 213. We're eager to help you succeed!

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