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Cushioning goods safely and sustainably

Cushioning goods safely and sustainably

When it comes to packaging large and heavy goods, it can be a daunting task to ensure both sustainability and safety. Fortunately, there are eco-friendly options available, such as inflatable compostable pouches and 100% recycled paper. While both are great choices for reducing your carbon footprint, one of them stands out as the ultimate guarantee that your goods will arrive without any damage.

The best cushioning for your goods

It is crucial to recognise that air pads have the potential to explode or deflate, and it is simply unacceptable to take such a risk. On the other hand, when utilizing paper void fill, you can rest assured that your fragile hardware will receive the proper cushioning and protection it needs to arrive in one piece. By understanding the facts, it becomes clear that opting for paper is the only sensible choice. Let's examine these facts in detail and ensure that your package arrives safely.

cross stitched pad

Sustainable but unreliable

Compostable air cushions are a popular choice for packaging as they are made from natural and renewable materials such as cornstarch or potato starch, making them an eco-friendly option. Being biodegradable and compostable, these cushions can easily be broken down by natural processes, reducing plastic waste in landfills and oceans. Not only are they environmentally conscious, but they also don’t release harmful chemicals or contribute to microplastic pollution.

compostable air cushions

However, compostable air cushions come with a limitation - they are sensitive to moisture. In case of water or excessive humidity exposure, they can lose their integrity and begin to break down, which can limit their use in situations where moisture exposure is likely. Additionally, if you store your goods with starch-based cushioning for an extended period, especially in environments with high humidity or fluctuating temperatures, it can gradually lose its resilience and deflate over time.

It's also important to protect starch-based air cushions during transportation as their cushioning properties can be affected by rough handling, extensive vibration, continuous pressure, or compression. These factors can cause the cushions to deflate, becoming less effective in providing protection. Worst-case scenarios include the cushions blowing, which could seriously jeopardise the stability of the whole shipment.

Overall, compostable air cushions are an excellent eco-friendly option for packaging, but they require careful handling and storage to maintain their cushioning properties.

Sustainable and reliable

When it comes to shipping products, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition is of utmost importance. This is where paper cushioning comes in. It is a highly effective way to provide cushioning and protection to a wide variety of products during transit. This versatile material comes hands-crunched (SpeedMan®) or as stitched pads (PaperJet®) and it can be coiled, folded, or moulded to fit into any empty spaces within the packaging, preventing items from shifting and minimising the risk of damage.

coiled stitched pad

One of the greatest benefits of paper void fill is its eco-friendliness. It is easily recyclable through standard paper recycling systems. This means it can be collected, sorted, and processed into new paper products, reducing the need for virgin materials and promoting a circular economy. This is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment.

Another advantage of using paper cushioning is its resistance to temperature and moisture fluctuations. Unlike other materials, it doesn't blow or deflate, which can compromise an entire shipment. This makes it a reliable option for protecting products during transit and ensuring they arrive in perfect condition. With all of these benefits, it's no wonder that paper cushioning is a go-to choice for many businesses when it comes to shipping their products.

paper stitched pad

Helping you achieve your goals

We take great pride in providing you with the finest packaging products on the market here at McKinleys. Our primary goal is to ensure that your products arrive at their final destination unscathed, regardless of size or weight.

Our eco-friendly PaperJet® and SpeedMan® systems are equipped with exceptional, sustainably sourced, 100% recycled paper. We are eager to assist you in achieving your sustainability objectives while simultaneously ensuring that your fulfilment operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

SpeedMan and PaperJet

The PaperJet® and SpeedMan® machines are both superb eco-friendly alternatives to streamline your despatch department. With Blue Angel and FSC®-certified 100% recycled paper, they are both great choices for supercharging your business operations.

If you are interested in seeing them in action, we invite you to book a demonstration with us. We will be delighted to assist you in finding the best solution, even if you have limited space or unique requirements. Please contact us by phone at 01799 513 213 or email us at sales@mckinleysgroup.com.

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