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5 tips for optimising peak fulfilment

5 tips for optimising peak fulfilment

We know that peak season can be tough for fulfilment operations. With all the extra orders coming in, it can be a real challenge to keep up. That's why we've put together 5 ideas to help you tackle this peak season like a pro. Preparation is key, and we're here to help you get ready!

1. Review last year's performance.

There are several methods to detect areas of improvement in packaging and fulfilment processes. These methods include tracking performance metrics, conducting surveys or interviews with customers, analysing data from warehouse management systems (WMS), talking to employees, and benchmarking against other businesses. By monitoring performance metrics like order fulfilment time, shipping costs, and customer satisfaction ratings, one can identify areas that require improvement.

Surveys or interviews with customers can provide feedback on packaging and fulfilment processes, such as ease of opening, product protection, and order delivery time. Analysing data from the WMS can reveal patterns in shipping delays or customer returns.

Employees can also offer valuable insights into improving packaging and fulfilment processes. Benchmarking against other businesses in the same industry can provide a comparison of performance.

Business team pointing to business profitability graph discussing performance

2. Train your staff.

To provide effective packaging training to your staff, it's important to identify the specific needs of your business and products. However, some general topics should be covered, such as different packaging materials and their properties, packaging techniques, and safety and quality practices. You may also consider training on packaging machinery, product-specific packaging, regulations, problem-solving, and equipment maintenance.

It's crucial to make the training program interactive and engaging for your staff. You can achieve this by using methods like case studies, role-playing, hands-on exercises, quizzes, and games. By providing comprehensive and interactive packaging training, you can improve your staff's skills and knowledge, leading to better packaging results.

3. Organise your warehouse and storage space.

To ensure you can easily find the products you need during peak season, it's important to have a well-organised warehouse and storage space. You can begin by creating a layout plan that considers the flow of traffic, size and weight of inventory, equipment, and available space.

Packers should have everything to hand, so compact and versatile machinery can minimise the time that packers spend away from their pack benches, guaranteeing that all the tools are at hand.

Labels and signage can further assist your employees in finding items quickly. You can also use dividers and bins to keep inventory organised and maximise space. Grouping similar items will make it easier to retrieve them. Keeping your warehouse clean and organised is crucial for safety and efficiency.

Goods on shelves of distribution center warehouse

4. Refine your packing processes.

We understand how important it is for you to optimise your packing processes and make them more efficient. That's why we recommend the following tips to help you achieve your goals:

1. Choosing appropriate packaging materials that are the right size and weight for your products can save you costs and avoid excessive use of materials.

2. Selecting the most efficient packaging methods based on your products and needs can help you streamline your process and get things done faster.

3. Automating your packing process where possible can help you increase speed and reduce errors, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

4. Using a packing checklist can ensure that nothing is forgotten during order packing, saving you time and reducing errors.

5. Utilising shipping software for printing labels, tracking shipments, and managing shipping costs can help you streamline your packing process and save money.

6. Opting for recyclable and sustainable packaging materials can promote eco-friendliness and save on shipping costs, which is always a plus.

5. Use the suitable packaging materials.

Suitable packaging materials can help to protect your products during shipping and prevent damage. Here are three sustainable packaging materials that are strong, durable, and cost-effective.

Paper void fill:

Paper void fill is an excellent material for protecting products during shipping. It is both recyclable and environmentally friendly, as it is made from paper and can be reused or turned into new products, reducing waste. Additionally, it is a cost-effective option, as it is relatively inexpensive and can help to reduce shipping costs due to its lightweight nature. The ease of use of paper void fill is another advantage, as it can be easily customised to fit the size and shape of the product being shipped. Compared to other types of void fill, such as plastic peanuts, paper void fill is a more sustainable and responsible choice for protecting products during shipping.

SpeedMan Fit

Water-activated paper tape:

Water-activated paper tape is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for sealing boxes and packages. It is made from paper, a renewable resource, and can be recycled or reused. This sustainable choice is strong enough to hold packages together during shipping, creating a barrier against moisture and dust. It is also tamper-evident, making it easy to detect if the seal has been broken. In addition to being biodegradable and compostable, water-activated paper tape is non-toxic and safe for handling by both people and animals. It comes in various colours and textures, making it a customizable option for packaging. Overall, water-activated paper tape is a sustainable and economical choice that protects products during shipping.

Grip Taper

Corrugated cardboard:

Corrugated cardboard is a strong and durable material that can withstand a lot of weight and pressure. This makes it a good choice for packaging heavy or fragile items. Plus, it's also resistant to wear and tear during shipping, which helps to protect your products from damage. Another advantage of corrugated cardboard boxes is their customisation. They can be easily tailored to fit the shape and size of your products, which can help to maximise the space in your shipping containers. Choosing the right style of box is very important. With a crashlock box, for example, you avoid using tape and it can speed up packaging up to 75%. In addition, corrugated cardboard is recyclable, which means that it can be reused or turned into new products, minimising waste. Boxes can be branded with your company logo or other information, helping to create a professional image for your business and making your products more recognizable.

Other strategies to consider

In addition to these 5 ideas, you can also consider other strategies to optimise your packaging fulfilment services during peak season, such as:

Use a just-in-time inventory system. This will help you to avoid overstocking products, which can free up warehouse space and improve efficiency.

Negotiate shipping rates with carriers. This can help you to save money on shipping costs, which can be a significant expense during peak season.

Offer multiple shipping options to customers. This will give customers more flexibility and allow them to choose the shipping

Home delivery service man in red uniform handing parcel boxes to recipient

By following these tips, you can optimise the efficiency of your packaging fulfilment services during peak season and ensure that you can meet the increased demand for your products.

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